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My Studio

The art of capturing memories

My Husband has created a wonderful studio in our home, equipped with state of the art equipment that allows me to offer the best clarity and variety of imagery.  I have several props and items of clothing which are available to add extra elements to the photo shoot, but I also encourage people to bring items along, if they play a special part of their everyday life.

One of my most important items of kit is a box of toys to entertain our younger clients and a kettle so we can enjoy a nice cuppa in my relaxed environment.

Here in the fenland area, we are luckily to have beautiful nature spots, which I have used on many occasions as the back drop to my photo’s and provides for a natural photo.

Coming in 2021 I am moving to a new studio which, in addition to photo shooting space, will provide a separate waiting/relaxing space with hot and cold drink making facilities and television…which will have 24/7 cartoons as required.

The new studio will also come with a dedicated bathroom and changing space too.